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Sound Voltex 6: Exceed Gear

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DJ Button Game

Version Release Date: April 7, 2021

Sound Voltex or SDVX is one of the largest arcade rhythm games as of late. With 6 buttons and 2 knobs to control the sound of the music, this game offers a fun and unique experience that entertains first-timers and challenges rhythm game veterans. The machines are found in almost every Round1 in the US.

Overall Difficulty: Medium

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Dance Dance Revolution A20+

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4-panel Dance Game

Version Release Date: July 1, 2020

Dance Dance Revolution or DDR for short is a game featuring 4 pads in an up-down-left-right configuration. It's one of the easiest rhythm games to find in America, both Round1 and Dave & Buster's carry the latest version connected to official servers. Lots of small arcades will also have a DDR machine though these will likely be older versions, good for nostalgia.

Overall Difficulty: Hard

ddr cabinet
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Pump It Up XX

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5-panel Dance Game

Version Release Date: January, 2020

Pump it Up or PIU is a dance game with 5 buttons, one at the center and one in each of the diagonal corners. It has become the long standing rival of DDR. While both games can support two players at once, PIU is more infamous for its "Doubles" mode. In doubles, one player takes over the whole machine, controlling all 10 panels at once. PIU can be found in most Round1 and Dave & Buster's as well as some smaller arcades, almost all of which are connected to official servers.

Overall Difficulty: Hard

piu cabinet
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DanceRush Stardom

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Freestyle Dance Game

Version Release Date: March 3, 2018

DanceRush is perhaps one of the most unique rhythm games. Rather than featuring panels, the game uses a pad with infrared sensors to locate the aproximate location of each foot. This leads to gameplay that feels more akin to actual dancing than a rhythm game. While the actual scoring and charting of this game are rather easy, DanceRush's unique infrared system allows for players to freestyle while playing with ease. In fact, most competitions feature a panel of judges that rate the competitor's performance on top of the game's scoring.

Overall Difficulty: Easy*

dancerush cabinet
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Beatmania IIDX 28: Bistrover

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DJ Button Game

Version Release Date: October 28, 2020

While DDR is known as the grandfather of dancing games, Beatmania is the grandfather of button games. Beatmania was released on the last day of 1997 and featured 5 buttons and a DJ scratch disk. The game was extremely popular and was shortly succeeded by its, "child" Beatmania II deluxe or IIDX in 1999. This game now had 7 buttons instead of the previous 5 along with the DJ scratch disk. IIDX is found in almost if not all US Round1 Locations.

Overall Difficulty: Hard

iidx cabinet
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Wacca Lily R

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Circular Touchscreen Game

Version Release Date: March 11, 2021

Wacca is the newest rhythm game on this list, with its first release in July of 2019. The game has a circular screen with a cone of touch sensitive panels protruding from it. Due to its extremely new release not even all Round1 Locations, the Mecca of rhythm games in America, have it, though many will soon if not already.

Overall Difficulty: Medium

wacca cabinet
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Project Diva Arcade: Future Tone

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Vocaloid Rhythm Game

Version Release Date: November 21, 2013

Project Diva features the popular vocaloid Hatsune Miku and her ensemble of friends. Songs in this game are exclusively vocaloid based, allowing for many Project Diva exclusives. This game is based off its more popular release on the playstation, pulling symbols directly from its counterpart.

Overall Difficulty: Easy

PD cabinet
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Groove Coaster 4 MAX

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Joystick Button Game

Version Release Date: March 29, 2018

Groove Coaster is a former mobile rhythm game that received an arcade version in November 2013. It features two joysticks with buttons on top and a vertical screen orientation. The game is also one of the only if not the only rhythm game to feature invisible bonus notes. Ad-lib notes are invisible, but can be obtained with ease by tapping to the rhythm when no other notes are present. Fortunately, they are not necessary to pass, and do not break combo if you happen to miss one.

Overall Difficulty: Easy

gc cabinet